Where to Spend Valentine’s Day in Rizal: Restaurants

We girls get it. Some guys won’t. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is one of the most anticipated dates for most women. Because it is that time of the year when a lot of girls are receiving flowers and gifts from their guys and it’s so frustrating if your lady love won’t be receiving anything from you!

Spending bigger than your average weekend date budget is also expected as February is among the most commercialized months in the calendar.

If you’re heading towards Rizal Province to celebrate V-Day, here are some of the restaurants to check out if sharing a meal with your significant someone is one sure sweet deal.

where to spend Valentine's Day in Rizal - restaurants♥ Viex Chalet in Antipolo City

♥ Crescent Moon Cafe in Antipolo City

♥ Balaw-Balaw Restaurant in Angono

♥ Bali Gulp Restaurant in Antipolo

♥ Vista Barista and Halamanan Restaurant in Tanay

♥ Kopi Kopi Café and Kitchen in Cainta

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Have You Been to Kopi Kopi Café and Kitchen in Cainta?

I haven’t, if you were to ask me. But I’d love to go and try their pastries and the Ginger Garlic Squid with Panache that’s attracting me to scroll down to their blog’s home page.

Can’t seem to find tons of reviews and blogs about the place. Perhaps because it’s new? How new? So I browsed their site and found sumptuous photos that made me want to grab a bite if only they can be snatched for real straight from my laptop screen.

Kopi Kopi Cafe and Kitchen - Cainta, RizalKopi Kopi Café and Kitchen is my (and probably yours, too) kind of place where cravings and the satisfaction of such are considered done deals. Kopi Kopi offers (let me enumerate what’s on their blog pages) salad and appetizers, pasta and chicken, burgers and sandwiches, entrée dishes (yes, the Ginger Garlic Squid), and cakes and pastries! Sound tummy-filling? I bet so.

KOpi Kopi is located along Village East Avenue, Executive Homes, Cainta, Rizal and has a very long operating hours (read: 6:30am-12mn).

They claim it’s the “most exciting place to eat and meet in Rizal province”, maybe we can try it out soon? Contact them at (02) 240-5068.

Photo: Kopi Kopi Café and Kitchen Facebook Page

Vista Barista: A Destination for Pastry and Gourmet Coffee Lovers

Vista Barista, Tanay, RizalJust when I thought I’ve discovered a lot of local cafés and restaurants in the province, here comes tumbling across Vista Barista on my random web browsing. And I say this is a must-visit!

Vista Barista is like the sweet extension of Halamanan Restaurant (which is just beside the café) because it is where customers can delight on their heaven-sent pastries and gourmet coffee.

The café is run by Jasmine Vista-Catolos. Their family owns Halamanan Restaurant. It was because of her passion for baking and her love for gourmet coffee that Vista Barista came to life.

cafes and restaurants in Tanay, Rizal - where to dineAside from the selection of pastries available in the shop, Jasmine also attracts more and more people to her business because of the custom cakes she does. Check Vista Barista’s Facebook page and the cakes all look adorable! I’m not a fan of eating fondant cakes though. But I would contact her to make me a Smurfs Christmas cake! 😀

Vista Barista is not all about coffee blends and pastries, they also have sandwiches, pastas, and salads. I just can’t wait to drop by to this café soon.

Vista Barista is located at 1980 Manila East Road (near corner Sampaloc Road), Tanay, Rizal. Telephone number: (02) 213.3964
E-Mail: vistabarista_cakes@yahoo.com.

Photo: Vista Barista Facebook page, Tanay Tourism, Culture and the Arts page

Bulawan Floating Restaurant in Pililla, Rizal

Bulawan Floating Restaurant - Pililla, RizalThere are still a lot of us who enjoy a dish without the styling or plating that makes, say a fillet of tilapia drizzled with unfamiliar herb sauce and garnished with whatever leafy thing way more expensive than a large whole one brought from the market.

Most Filipinos want their food as simple as it could be, without the complicated plating that hinders one from enjoying the gastronomical ride. Straightforward yumminess is all that matters.

Bulawan Floating Restaurant knows that very well. This is a native restaurant in Pililla that’s almost kind of the same with the other floating restaurants that you know. Probably more modest in terms of physical structures but when it comes to the food, Bulawan can promise you a dining experience you will never forget.

It won’t be called a floating restaurant without a pond. From it, you can catch your own tilapia or dalag then ask the crew to cook it for you. Of course, leading the menu are no-fail Filipino dishes such as caldereta, sinigang, and seafood dishes to complete your dining experience by the Laguna Lake.

Bulawan Floating Restaurant is owned by Joey and Nora Virrey who are both former OFWs. It’s been serving good food since 1997 and is still among the top restaurants people go to in this part of Rizal Province.

Bulawan Floating Restaurant is located at Km. 59, Manila East Road, Pililla, Rizal.

Photo: ofwngayon.com

Bali Gulp Restaurant of Antipolo City,Rizal

Thinking of a restaurant where you can dine in with someone special or your family? Bring them at Bali Gulp Restaurant. Experience a different restaurant service and taste their delectable Pinoy dishes.

Bali Gulp is a family owned restaurant established in 1996. This simple, native and cozy restaurant offers social catering services for weddings, birthdays, baptismal, debut, house blessings and many more.

If you know want to know more about this restaurant visit them. Bali Gulp is situated at Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City.Bali Gulp is open from 11am to 11pm for inquiries contact them at (632) 647 -9931 or email at baligulp@yahoo.com.

source: Bali Gulp’s Facebook Page
image from:clickthecity.com