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WOWRizal’s Top Lists for 2012

Before the year ends, we would like to share the things that made on our top lists of random things for 2012 here in Rizal province such as top destinations to visit, activities to do, etc.

Even if 2012 will come down to its end a few hours from now, these travel guides are reliable for reviewing in the next year that will dawn. Have the best of Rizal province each year!

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Top destinations for students to go to during semestral break

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Thank you for sharing your 2012 with us. We hope for a better year to come for all of us! Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

The Gifts of Christmas

Unwrapping the gifts under the Christmas tree means the world to children in this particular time of the year. As for adults, our Christmas wishes may also mature, waving off a few material things to give way to non-material wishes to come true.

Christmas is the time of the year when people get extra generous and more kind-hearted than any other days in the calendar. But Christmas is not always about the gifts we can buy from shopping malls and bazaars. This holiday, let’s share these gifts that would last not just for the Christmas season but for the year round as well.


When Gladys, one of my super friends, died in April this year, I was struck by how short life is. Her passing was something we did not expect coming too soon (she was only 26). This will be our first Christmas without her. I miss the friendship we shared and how we tried our best to find time to go out despite our workloads.

How many days a week do you spend with your family? Do you even have time for yourself? It’s ironic that time, even if its not worth any centavo, is sometimes the hardest thing to give and the most precious for so many people.


When we do something good, we feel good about ourselves and the world around us. In the recent calamities that hit the nation, the monsoon flooding in August and typhoon Pablo a few weeks ago, our spirits were dampen with the huge number of casualties and severe damage.

In times of horrific loss, there are good-hearted people who extend help to ease the burden caused by these untoward events. There are still relief operations until now for typhoon Pablo victims. It’s sad to think how they will spend Christmas. Let’s offer prayers for them that soon, they would be able to bounce back from this painful tragedy and find that life, after all, is God’s most precious gift.


When you think you are in a hopeless disposition, know that there is still one thing you can do. Believe. Give your complete trust in God and everything will fall into the right places at the right time.

There are days when we feel that giving up is the easiest way out. But if you have faith in that something or someone, hold on to no matter how little faith you have and nurture it. Whatever happens afterwards, that’s God’s answer.


Have you realized the value of a hard-earned trust? Trust, like a glass when broken may hurt. Sometimes, it’s easy to give away, sometimes it’s not. To be able to be trusted, be deserving. To learn how to trust fully, open your heart.


It’s all we need. Love from your family, your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your colleagues, even from your pet. Love makes the world a happier place. Love truly, unconditionally, faithfully.

Live to love and love to live. ♥

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Have a blessed holidays and give these gifts of Christmas as often as you can.

Where to Spend Semestral Break in Rizal Province

Semestral break or sembreak may give college students a suffocating boredom if not spent wisely. It’s supposed to give you chance to go on vacation and do whatever you want to do after surviving a school semester.

But then, sembreak also means bankruptcy for most students. Haha. Now that’s true. Do you have to spend big bucks to enjoy your short vacay? Nah. Here are the ways how to have a fun sembreak without being broke.

1. Have an ‘animated’ dining at Meidolls Cafe in Cainta.

where to spend sembreak in rizal province2. Go on a picnic and gather your friends for tons of outdoor activities you can do at Phillip’s Sanctuary in Antipolo City.

3. Revisit Hinulugang Taktak and see if the merriment remains the same like the old times.

4. Explore the great outdoors in any of these natural attractions.

5. Be like grade schoolers again and visit the Avilon Zoo. Make it appear like you’re all going to an excursion with packed lunch and snacks to share with the group.

6. Want to learn more why Angono is the Art Capital of the Philippines? Visit the town’s art galleries to know why.

Always remember, it’s not luxury of the destination that makes a trip unforgettable, but the memories created with your favorite people. 😉


Longboarding along Taktak Road in Antipolo City

longboarding in Taktak Road, Antipolo CityAntipolo City is famous for fine dining restaurants because of its spectacular overlooking view of the metro, and of course, the Hinulugang Taktak and the Antipolo Cathedral.

But you might be wondering what outdoor activity you can do in Antipolo to fix your longing for some adrenaline rush. Have you tried longboarding?

For sure you’ve heard of skateboarding, which probably is the most known board sport among Filipinos. Longboarding, according Wiki, is the act of riding a longboard — a board which is longer and wider than a skateboard.

And on the pavements of Taktak Road in Antipolo City, longboarders find their place to practice their techniques and tricks for their fave board sport.

There are local groups around Antipolo, some from Metro Manila, who frequently spend hours on their longboards, sharing the passion for the board sport and a friendship that binds them altogether.

Taktak Road has an inclined slope that allows the longboarders for a speedy downhill ride. The adrenaline rush and the need for performing riskier tricks draw people to try this board sport.

And it’s nice to know that along Taktak Road, the best longboarders in the country might just be practicing there.


Infographic Shows Ways to Prevent Dengue in Barangays

Since it’s been raining crazy hard for the past weeks, you know that among the negativities that go with this season is the spread of dengue.

Aside from Metro Manila, Rizal is among the provinces that suffered greatly in the recent monsoon flooding. And with typhoon ‘Helen’ hitting the country now, dengue is also another thing we should all prevent from affecting our families.

A while ago as I browse my Facebook newsfeed, a friend shared this infographic from P-Noy’s Facebook page, easy to remember tips on how to fight the deadly dengue disease.

how to prevent dengue in your barangay

The drive against dengue here in the Philippines remains consistent through the years. Dubbed as the ABKD – Aksyon Barangay Kontra Dengue, this infographic is one helpful guideline that we should all disseminate in our own barangay.

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