San Beda College Rizal (History, Vision, Mission, Location)

San Beda College (SBC) is one of the leading educational institutions in the Philippines. Founded on June 17, 1901, it has developed and continues to enrich the more-than-a-century-old Bedan tradition of academic excellence, commitment to Catholic faith and Benedictine virtues, and service to Philippine society and the world.

Fides(faith), Scientia(Knowledge), and virtus(virtues) are the collective essence of SBC as an organization and of the education it offers. At SBC, we provide students with venues to grow in and live their Catholic faith, gain knowledge and expertise in their chosen career fields, and develop themselves into servant leaders who live and model Christian and Benedictine values.

San Beda College Envisions a community
that is

• fully human
• wholly Christian
• truly Filipino
• globally competitive

San Beda College aims to form its members in
* faith (fides)
* knowledge (scientia)
* virtue (virtus) and inculcate in them the Benedictine core values of prayer and work
(ora et labora) that include
* study
* community
* pursuit of peace

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