“Kayas Kawayan” of Morong Rizal

Morong Rizal is also known for its “KAYAS KAWAYAN”.

This is an art made of bamboo with intricate designs. This was first introduced here in Morong Rizal.Weddings, Cordero, fiesta are some examples where you can see this products. It usually found in the entrance gate of the event.

Now this art is being copied by the nearby towns.

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Holy Week Traditions in Morong, Rizal

Holy Week traditions is Morong, RizalThere are towns and provinces in the Philippines which may have a particular Holy Week tradition which is not done or observed in any other places in the country.

In the early years, it was only in Morong that the Cordero/Kordero is being done. Nearby towns later have copied or have adopted something similar to this tradition.

Wiki says: It is only in Morong that this tradition has been done for almost 60 years. Kordero, which means lamb of God, is a re-enactment of the preparation of the paschal lamb for the passover meal, that Jesus and his 12 apostles took, and eventually became the Institution of the holy Eucharist. Kordero also symbolizes Jesus as a sacrificial lamb who suffered to redeem mankind from sin. In Morong a lamb which is made of sweet potatoes and potatoes is processioned before the Maundy Thursday Mass.

Aside from the Crodero, also part of the Holy Week traditions of the people of Morong are Pabasa (the chanting of the life and sufferings of Jesus Christ), Senakulo (the dramatization of the life and death of Christ), and Pabasang Bayan (display of images that showcase the chronological events of Christ’s life).

Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morong,_Rizal

Places To Visit in Morong, Rizal

For those who want to visit Morong, Rizal, here are some places you should not miss to stride.

“Uugong Park” – Uugong park was known for its breath taking view of the rice fields, different birds can be seen and its majestic waterfalls. It is usually a summer spot for families. Uugong means echo, because of the strong current of the falls it makes a loud echo or sound.

“St. Jerome’s Church”– Famous for its dramatic bell fry facade.

“Paseo Rizal”‘- First music lounge in town located in baranggay Maybangcal, near Baras. Usually venues for mini concerts by Filipino artists and used as events facility for special events such as baptisms, weddings etc. with capacity of 150 persons. Paseo Rizal also plans to have the first hotel in town.

“Monwlet terrace”– Events facility located in Taghangin Morong Rizal capacity of 200 persons.

“Casita de Salvador”‘- Resort located in Taghangin Morong Rizal.

“Vista Grande resort”– Resort nestled in the heart of Taghangin, a great view of the Laguna de Bay, tooth Brush Island and the near-by towns of Rizal such as Cardona, and Islands of Binangonan are seen.

“Era Plaza”– Bar and restaurant at the back of the town Plaza and known for its warek-warek or fried pork fillet.

“Ling Ling’s Cafe”– Mini cafe near the town plaza. Usually the meeting place and place where young people and old people hang out during the early 70’s until early 2000, It got burned down due to electrical wiring year 2010.

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Popular Street Games in Morong Rizal

If not all, Iโ€™m sure most of us had experienced playing street games, where a child would experience a different thrill and happiness aside from the toys or food that make our day.

By the way, what are those street games you used to play way back then?

In Morong Rizal, they do have their popular street games, and these are:

Patitiro– It is also called patintero. A famous Filipino street game. Wherein the “it” person stands in a line, and the other person should cross that line without getting touched by the “It”.

Hulugang Ginto – popular night game especially during full moon.

Pasenorden– follow the leader game. The leader would shout “Pasenorden!” the players will say “combento” then the leader will say his command:” unahan sa pag bigay sa akin ng dahon” ( bring me a leaf) the players will ask: “anong dahon??” (what kind of leaf)once the leader states his command all player will look for that kind of leaf. The first one to bring the given leaf would be the next leader

Pati cobra (Pati-Kubra) – Morong version of baseball and cricket, uses bamboo stick as paddle or bat.


Jopolopen– marble game.

Stekenapan-“stick’em up an” a western cowboy gun game.

Taguan– Is also known as hide and seek. It is usually played during full moon.

Dirabes – popular games by school kids particularly in San Guillermo

Sikaran – originated in Baras.

Source: wikipedia.org

Image from: batanggero.blogspot.com

Morong, Rizal’s Uugong Park

Uugong Park is a park situated in Morong Rizal. It is probably known for its breath taking view of the rice fields around Morong Rizal. Different kind of birds can be seen here and itโ€™s usually summer spot for families by then.

Uugaong Park has now a resort and no longer using the old falls anymore. It has two pools now but you can still view the now dead waterfalls and its river.

The park is owned by Mr. Rafael Pacheco, a locally and internationally recognized artist because of his paintings. In fact, this park/resort contains lots of his artworks that make the park more interesting. It is more than just a park and resort.

It is located in Brgy Bombongan, Morong Rizal.

And I suggest you to visit this nice and very interesting place. ๐Ÿ˜‰