Bulawan Floating Restaurant in Pililla, Rizal

Bulawan Floating Restaurant - Pililla, RizalThere are still a lot of us who enjoy a dish without the styling or plating that makes, say a fillet of tilapia drizzled with unfamiliar herb sauce and garnished with whatever leafy thing way more expensive than a large whole one brought from the market.

Most Filipinos want their food as simple as it could be, without the complicated plating that hinders one from enjoying the gastronomical ride. Straightforward yumminess is all that matters.

Bulawan Floating Restaurant knows that very well. This is a native restaurant in Pililla that’s almost kind of the same with the other floating restaurants that you know. Probably more modest in terms of physical structures but when it comes to the food, Bulawan can promise you a dining experience you will never forget.

It won’t be called a floating restaurant without a pond. From it, you can catch your own tilapia or dalag then ask the crew to cook it for you. Of course, leading the menu are no-fail Filipino dishes such as caldereta, sinigang, and seafood dishes to complete your dining experience by the Laguna Lake.

Bulawan Floating Restaurant is owned by Joey and Nora Virrey who are both former OFWs. It’s been serving good food since 1997 and is still among the top restaurants people go to in this part of Rizal Province.

Bulawan Floating Restaurant is located at Km. 59, Manila East Road, Pililla, Rizal.

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The Kawayan Farm of Pililla, Rizal

The Kawayan Farm was established in 1980 by Mr. Domingo Alfonso in Halayhayin, Pililla, Rizal. This farm is purposely for reforestation and prevention of soil erosion in the area. Then later on, Mr. Alfonso conducts extensive research about bamboo and he found out aside from raw material for nipa houses and furniture other valuable products can be produced from bamboos. He shared his knowledge especially in producing rootstock of bamboo to other bamboo producers and farmers.

The farm is supplying bamboos to fish pen operators in Laguna de Bay and other products like furniture were supplied to department store in Metro Manila.

The location of farm is overlooking the breathtaking view of Laguna de Bay and has a restaurant which is best for travelers to hop in, take a short break from long travel, enjoy the food and relax in the cool soothing climate in the place.

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Pililla, Rizal (Facts, Location, Population, Barangays)

Pililla, Rizal

Pililla is a 2nd class urban municipality in the province of Rizal, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 58,525 inhabitants in 9,001 households. Pililla is known as the GREEN FIELD MUNICIPALITY OF RIZAL.
Pililla is just few kilometers away from Tanay, Rizal. It is surrounded by farms, small mountains, planes and trees. Its nearby provinces are Laguna and Quezon.
Pililla is a great place to experience the true culture of a province. It has preserved some religious and non-religious tradition such as the Santa Cruzan or Flores de Mayo, wherein beautiful men and women walk all over town on their gowns. Town Fiesta during the month of July is being visited by people from the city to experience great celebrations especially the amateur shows at night. Like other towns, Pililla holds basketball league competitions for youth during summer. Pililla is also a favorite destination of road cyclists because of its asphalted road specifically in Sitio Bugarin in Barangay Halayhayin.

Pililla is politically subdivided into 9 barangays.
Bagumbayan (Pob.)
Hulo (Pob.)
Imatong (Pob.)
Wawa (Pob.)
Takungan (Pob.)

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