Balay Montalban, a Private Destination for a Weekend Getaway

Balay Montalban - Rizal - Private ResortThe perfect way to enjoy a relaxing weekend is to spend it somewhere that may be far from home but promises the same comfort your own house provides you. Or even better.

Just like Balay Montalban, a private resort in San Rafael, Montalban. This destination is situated on a hill and is enveloped by a lush of greens so you can be assured of a refreshing and relaxing stay.

Balay Montalban will make you feel like you’ve never left home. They have amenities to ensure you of a comfortable stay. You don’t need to bring your entire kitchen as you can use theirs plus the BBQ area. They have swimming pool and comfortable rooms to accommodate their guests.

The place won’t overwhelm you with posh amenities and grandiose facilities. It’s actually the simplicity of the place and the natural beauty of the surroundings that make Balay Montalban an interesting destination to visit this long weekend.

You can reserve the whole place for small gatherings and it can also be a venue for intimate garden weddings.

Balay Montalban is located in Oakland street, Gloria Vista Subdivision, San Rafael, Montalban, Rizal.

You can contact them through email:

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The Myth of Wawa Dam in Montalban

Article contributed by Christian Paula Ramos

Philippine mythology is the traditional oral literature derived from Philippine folk literature. It includes collection of tales and superstitions about magical creatures and entities. Some Filipinos, mostly in provinces, still believe on these tales.

So, let me share with you the myth of Wawa Dam in Montalban, Rizal.

The limestone walls of Wawa Dam is a majestic site. It has a quiet river, huge limestone rocks, caves, and tranquil scenery which depict a mystical scene. This magnificent view in Montalban, Rizal has its own local folklore about its existence.

There are several versions about this story. Here’s the local version I know. It starts with the story of Bernardo Carpio who grew up in San Mateo, Rizal and was part of a rebellion against the Spanish who feared his incredible strength. Employing the powers of a local engkantado (shaman), he was trapped in between two rocks through supernatural means. Calling for a parley, they lured him towards a cave in the mountains of Montalban. The lad fell for the trap. The engkantado used his agimat (talisman) and Bernardo Carpio was caught between two boulders which the shaman had caused to grind each other.

The legend says he was not killed, but was trapped between these two boulders. He was unable to escape because the talisman’s power was as great as his own strength. When Carpio’s co-conspirators arrived at the cave to rescue him, they were blocked from the cave by a series of cave-ins that killed several of the men. People soon surmised that whenever an earthquake happens, it is caused by Bernardo Carpio trying to free himself from the mountain.

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Puray Falls of Rodriguez, Rizal

Brgy Puray is one of the most isolated Brgy in Rodriguez, Rizal. Puray is already in the Sierra Madre mountain ranges, several mountains away from the town center.

Puray may not be highly-urbanized like the other brgy but it does offer a beautiful surrounding. It has streams, rivers and falls that makes the brgy really surprising.

One of the attractions there is the Puray Falls ( Tungtong o the locals).

Puray Falls is known more as a biker’s destination, a good starting point for first-time trekkers.

Another place that would definitely put into adventurer’s itinerary. 😉

Pamitinan Cave of Rodriguez, Rizal

A historical place where in Andress Bonifacio, together with other eight katipuneros declared their first independence against Spain in April 12, 1895.

The cave still bears the inscription of Andress Bonifacio and his followers: Viva la Independencia Filipinas.

This cave offers lots of activities like spelunking, hiking, rapelling, picnicking, swimming, mountain climbing.

Pamitinan cave is located in Brgy. San Rafael, Rodriguez Rizal.

Know more about Avilon Zoo of Rodriguez, Rizal

Avilon Zoo is currently the largest zoological institution in the Philippines in terms of land area and collection of animals.

The 7.5-hectare (19-acre) facility located in Rodriguez, Rizal houses more than 3,000 specimens of exotic wildlife representing more than 600 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater fishes and invertebrates.

The zoo has a diverse collection of Philippine native fauna, most of which have been bred successfully in captivity through Avilon’s ex situ conservation programs.

Avilon Zoo is also home to a diverse collection of plants of which more than half are endemic to Philippines.

At Avilon Zoo guided tours and educational field trips offer guests the opportunity to learn about wildlife. Aside from the fascinating animals and pleasant exhibits, guests are encouraged to experience feeding animals like arapaimas, exotic water fowl, tortoises, wild and deer and also interact with the zoo’s bunch of talented and friendly creatures.

Avilon Zoo is open every day from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm. Entrance fee is 300 Pesos per person.