The Angono Petroglyphs

It is considered as the oldest work of art in the Philippines. This heritage site was discovered by the late National Artist of the Philippines awardee Carlos V. Francisco in 1965.

There are 127 human and animal figures engraved on the rock wall dating back to 3000 BC.This inscription shows stylized human figures, lizards, frog with other designs that may portray other interesting figures. Some carvings have been damage due to neglect and vandalism.

In 1996, by virtue of President Decree No. 260, it was declared as national cultural treasure by the Philippine Government.

This site has been included in World’s Inventory of Rack Art through the auspices of UNESCO, ICCROM,and ICOMOS.

Since then, the Government and the National Museum of the Philippines started archaeological site conservation and site development of the petroglyphs in which a mini-museum, view deck and stone path among others were constructed.
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