Balay Montalban, a Private Destination for a Weekend Getaway

Balay Montalban - Rizal - Private ResortThe perfect way to enjoy a relaxing weekend is to spend it somewhere that may be far from home but promises the same comfort your own house provides you. Or even better.

Just like Balay Montalban, a private resort in San Rafael, Montalban. This destination is situated on a hill and is enveloped by a lush of greens so you can be assured of a refreshing and relaxing stay.

Balay Montalban will make you feel like you’ve never left home. They have amenities to ensure you of a comfortable stay. You don’t need to bring your entire kitchen as you can use theirs plus the BBQ area. They have swimming pool and comfortable rooms to accommodate their guests.

The place won’t overwhelm you with posh amenities and grandiose facilities. It’s actually the simplicity of the place and the natural beauty of the surroundings that make Balay Montalban an interesting destination to visit this long weekend.

You can reserve the whole place for small gatherings and it can also be a venue for intimate garden weddings.

Balay Montalban is located in Oakland street, Gloria Vista Subdivision, San Rafael, Montalban, Rizal.

You can contact them through email:

Photo: Balay Montalban (Multiply site)

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