It’s the Month of the Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage

It’s the time of the year again when the devotees of Our Lady of Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage - Antipolo CityPeace and Good Voyage gather to venerate the Blessed Virgin. It is the month when pilgrims and regular tourists crowd together to one of the busiest cities in the Province of Rizal.

I can still clearly recall the times when our family would travel to Antipolo to attend mass and take part in the veneration. We would wait for quite some time as the line going to the image of the Blessed Virgin grows longer in most hours of the day.

Afterwards, we would share the lunch we brought with us and then buy a handful of kasoy, suman, and mangga. I miss those days because our trips to Antipolo Church played an important part of my childhood.

Quick Facts About the Pilgrimage from

The pilgrimage is a month-long celebration that sees devotees trekking up a much-trodden path leading to the religious shrine, more popularly known as the Virgin of Antipolo. The image is believed to be already three hundred years old and is said to manifest miraculous powers.

According to historians, the venerated icon had on more than one occasion saved her galleon from wreckage by Dutch and British blockades, as well as pirates, while it sailed between Manila and Acapulco.

It is every 30th of April, the eve of May 1, that pilgrims make the trip. Afterwards, the usual side trip would be to Hinulugang Taktak, a waterfall just outside of town. It was made a National Park in the 80s.

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