Websites of the City and Municipalities in Rizal Province

A website is essential for a local government in many ways. How?

With an online portal, the LGU can inform its people of everything they need to know (projects, progress, important events, etc.) in just a few clicks on the web.

websites of cities and municipalities in Rizal provinceIt also connects the LGU and its people through website features such as comment box and forum, and links to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

The website is the LGU’s door to the world. A city or municipality will be able to let the world online know what’s special about their locality, are there investment opportunities to grab, what does the town has to offer.

Good thing, majority of the province has their own websites which you can visit by just clicking the links.



So far, only three municipalities in the province are yet to develop their own websites (Jalajala, Morong, Pililla). But who knows, sooner they may also be available online for the world to see.

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