LIKAS Morong Promotes Rich History and Culture of This Rizal Town

It was through private message left on our Facebook page that we learned about this new museum which was established in Morong, an information shared to us by John Louisse Dolores.

The museum was inaugurated on April 5, 2013 and was founded by Lipunang Pangkasaysayan ng Morong (LIKAS Morong), “a SEC-registered multisectoral organization and advocate of local historical education and research”.

The organization came to being to further spread knowledge associated with the history and culture of Morong, Rizal. Basically it’s about creating awareness, educating the people particularly the younger generation, spearheading activities related to the LIKAS Morong’s goals.

LIKAS Morong - Rizal province - organization

It’s good to have people like them who gives so much value to what their town was in the earlier years and how they cherish everything that mattered to Moronguenos back then. You can visit the museum in Old Commandancia, Tupas St., San Pedro, Morong, Rizal.

Get to know more about LIKAS Morong in their official website.

Photo credit: LIKAS Morong Facebook page

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