Our Lady of Fatima University (History, About, Mission, Vision, Admissions)

In our history lives the spirit of two men who chose to excel.

Jose C. Olivares, a professor at the University of the Philippines and Ateneo who had the makings of an entrepreneur.

Vicente M. Santos, a young physician raring to change the world.

In 1967 they built a 20-bed general hospital and changed the landscape of education forever.

For from this humble beginnings rose a School of Nursing whose pioneering batch of 180 students passed the 1976 nursing board examinations with an unprecedented 100% passing mark.

Truly a defining moment that fuelled the rise of Fatima to the institution it is today.

Now Our Lady of Fatima University stands proud as one of the country’s most distinguished centers for learning graduating some of the most distinguished centers for learning graduating some of the most promising young men and women in the country.

To improve man as man by developing individuals through a legacy of excellent education and compassionate value formation. The noble dictum “Improving Man as Man” embodies the existence of Fatima Medical Science Foundation, Inc. and Our Lady of Fatima University as educational institutions dedicated to the holistic formation of men and women imbued with necessary skills, virtues and academics development.

1. Form 137A or High School report Card
2. Certificate of Good Moral Character
(From Principal or Guidance Counselor)
3. Clear Photocopy of Birth Certificate
4. Clear Photocopy of High School Diploma
5. 2 2″ x 2″ ID photos (Colored)

1. Certificate of Grades/Scholastic Records/Class Cards for initial evaluation
2. Honorable Dismissal or Transfer Credentials
3. Clear Photocopy of Birth Certificate
4. 2 2″ x 2″ ID photos (Colored)

Local Applicants
All qualified applicants to the College of Medicine must submit the following forms along with the application form secured from the Accounting Office.s

1. NMAT Certificate.
2. Certificate of Eligibility for admission issued by the Commission on Higher Education.
3. Original Transcript of Records from the College last attended showing credits and degree earned as well as Special Order number (fully authenticated).
4. Original College Diploma or Certificate of Graduation.
5. Eight (8) colored photographs 2″x2″ in size, taken at least within two (2) months before application.
6. Clear Photocopy of Birth Certificate.
7. Clear Photocopy of Marriage Certificate, if married.
8. Certificate of good moral character issued by two (2) former professors in the premedical course.

International Student Applicants
In addition to the above, foreign applicants need to accomplish the following:

1. Accomplished Personal History Sheets (available from the MB 101 Medicine Accounting Office or Philippine Embassy in Country of Origin) (8 copies)
2. Affidavit of Financial Support by parents or guardians from country of origin. (2 copies)
3. Two Xerox copies of verified Alien Certificate of Registration. (Resident Aliens Only)
4. SStudy permit and Student Visa (Non-Resident Aliens) renewable every 6 months. (Will be obtained with assistance of the school on Acceptance)
5. Letter of Recommendation. (2 copies)
6. Xerox of Passport.
7. Additional pictures 2″x2″ – 8 copies
8. Police Clearance from Country of Origin

{Details from www.fatima.edu.ph}

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