The Higantes Festival of Angono, Rizal

The Higantes Festival of Angono Rizal is one of the most grandiose celebrations of the province. The festival is so called because the festival is replete with 12 foot paper mache giants which is aptly called “higantes”.

Also the procession of the higantes is duly accompanied by “pahadores” (devotees and locals who are dressed with fishing paraphernalias)

The feast is in honor of San Clemente, the patron saint of the Fishermen.

The celebration is held every November 23.

Quick Facts on Higantes Festival of Angono

Higantes Festival of Angono is one of the much awaited events in this side of the province. These are some quick facts you should know about this unique festival.

When is Higantes Festival being celebrated?

It is celebrated November 22 and 23 each year.

What is the significance of Higantes Festival to the people of Angono?

Angono is tagged as the art capital of the Philippines and Higantes (or Gigantes) Festival is a celebration of the artistry of the town people, at the same time is the feast day of San Clemente, the patron saint of fishermen.

How is this festival being celebrated?

A novena mass is done beginning on the 14th until the bisperas or the day before the feast day. On the bisperas, a parade is being held starting from Rainbow Village ending in the church patio where the devotees dance in praise.

The feast day itself commences with a concelebrated mass followed by land procession featuring the parehadoras (group of females dressed in Tagalog costumes holding boat paddles), the higantes, the devotees, and the images of San Isidro, San Clemente, and the Blessed Virgin Mary. A fluvial procession in praise of San Clemente concludes the celebration.

The Higantes are made of what materials?

The head of the giants used to be made of clay which is then exchanged into plaster of Paris and resin. Bamboo or rattan make up the framework of the giant. Then cloth depending on the costume design clad the giants.


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