Places To Visit in Morong, Rizal

For those who want to visit Morong, Rizal, here are some places you should not miss to stride.

“Uugong Park” – Uugong park was known for its breath taking view of the rice fields, different birds can be seen and its majestic waterfalls. It is usually a summer spot for families. Uugong means echo, because of the strong current of the falls it makes a loud echo or sound.

“St. Jerome’s Church”– Famous for its dramatic bell fry facade.

“Paseo Rizal”‘- First music lounge in town located in baranggay Maybangcal, near Baras. Usually venues for mini concerts by Filipino artists and used as events facility for special events such as baptisms, weddings etc. with capacity of 150 persons. Paseo Rizal also plans to have the first hotel in town.

“Monwlet terrace”– Events facility located in Taghangin Morong Rizal capacity of 200 persons.

“Casita de Salvador”‘- Resort located in Taghangin Morong Rizal.

“Vista Grande resort”– Resort nestled in the heart of Taghangin, a great view of the Laguna de Bay, tooth Brush Island and the near-by towns of Rizal such as Cardona, and Islands of Binangonan are seen.

“Era Plaza”– Bar and restaurant at the back of the town Plaza and known for its warek-warek or fried pork fillet.

“Ling Ling’s Cafe”– Mini cafe near the town plaza. Usually the meeting place and place where young people and old people hang out during the early 70’s until early 2000, It got burned down due to electrical wiring year 2010.


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