Popular Street Games in Morong Rizal

If not all, I’m sure most of us had experienced playing street games, where a child would experience a different thrill and happiness aside from the toys or food that make our day.

By the way, what are those street games you used to play way back then?

In Morong Rizal, they do have their popular street games, and these are:

Patitiro– It is also called patintero. A famous Filipino street game. Wherein the “it” person stands in a line, and the other person should cross that line without getting touched by the “It”.

Hulugang Ginto – popular night game especially during full moon.

Pasenorden– follow the leader game. The leader would shout “Pasenorden!” the players will say “combento” then the leader will say his command:” unahan sa pag bigay sa akin ng dahon” ( bring me a leaf) the players will ask: “anong dahon??” (what kind of leaf)once the leader states his command all player will look for that kind of leaf. The first one to bring the given leaf would be the next leader

Pati cobra (Pati-Kubra) – Morong version of baseball and cricket, uses bamboo stick as paddle or bat.


Jopolopen– marble game.

Stekenapan-“stick’em up an” a western cowboy gun game.

Taguan– Is also known as hide and seek. It is usually played during full moon.

Dirabes – popular games by school kids particularly in San Guillermo

Sikaran – originated in Baras.

Source: wikipedia.org

Image from: batanggero.blogspot.com

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